They paved paradise

Years ago (think late 1960s and early 1970s), I collected stamps.  I learned much about a variety of subjects looking at them and learning about the events, people, and places they displayed.  One that struck me was this: Being young and ignorant, I was puzzled: there was a Golden Gate without a bridge?  Well, yes, of course there was: (By Ansel Adams, from Flikr) "The Golden Gate is One of … [Read more...]

Inflation! Debasement!

Hyperinflation-era German currency Source: Flikr Creative Commons The latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) data came out today.  Inflation is low by any standard: 1 percent per year for all items in the CPI, 2.3 percent when we exclude energy and food from the index. A colleague and I have a running joke when these numbers appear.  Either by email or in person, we … [Read more...]

Scott Walker, Mark Dayton, and the economic record

Economic Record

Scott Walker announced today that he is running for president. Here is a selection of my MinnPost columns on the Walker economic record; it's not pretty. No, Minnesota is not 'dead last' in the Midwest in job growth 10/03/14 Like so many things having to do with the economy, the picture looks different depending on which data you consult. GOP candidates say Minnesota should be more … [Read more...]