Economic policy and the media: Don’t omit the qualifications

I was on the John Williams show on WCCO Radio this afternoon (audio here) discussing Donald Trump's economic policy speech.  I'll be writing more in the coming days about the specifics of both Trump's plans and Hillary Clinton's. For now, I want consider something else: writing about economic policy. I can't stress enough that it is hard to do well and I admire those who do it well.  Robert … [Read more...]

Public goods, private goods, and keeping up with economics

My latest column for MinnPost sets out current thinking on public goods, private goods, and all the types of goods in between. This column illustrates a problem I run across regularly when I talk to people about economics: policymakers and those who cover economic policy don't keep up with our field. They took introductory economics, or even minored or majored in economics, 20 to 50 years ago … [Read more...]

Inflation! Debasement! June edition

Hyperinflation-era German currency Source: Flikr Creative Commons It's time for the June edition of the inflation! debasement! update.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan warned that, no matter what the data tell us, accelerating inflation and a depreciating currency are just around the corner.  Here are the latest data through June 2016: Inflation: same 12-month rate as in May, April and … [Read more...]