The effects of lower oil prices: on the one hand…

Source: Flikr Creative Commons The old quip,"if all the economists were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion," came into my head yesterday after I read these articles: "Crash in oil prices will hurt the U.S. economy from Texas to Wall Street," by W. Rocky Newman and John R. Bowblis of Miami University. "Lower oil prices are good for the United States," by Olivier Blanchard and … [Read more...]

Learning from visitors

Source: Flikr Creative Commons One of the privileges of teaching at CSB|SJU is the opportunity to hear from a variety of visitors. The governor came to campus last week, a distinguished scientist spoke in February, a former senator gave the McCarthy Lecture in October; there’s always an event to attend where I know I’ll learn something. Paul Grangaard, chief executive officer of Allen Edmonds … [Read more...]

Public policy and policy entrepreneurs

Photo: Governor Dayton recruiting children to his evil empire (Source: Flikr Creative Commons, ) I started reading a piece in MinnPost by Kim Crockett, vice president of Center of the American Experiment, entitled, ""Dayton’s plan for raising great ‘workers’: Turn your kids over to the state." I almost spit out my morning coffee; here are a couple of excerpts: Dayton is demanding that all of … [Read more...]