Communicating with the public: absent-minded professors and the Latin Mass

  Lately I’ve been thinking about how academic ideas affect (or don’t affect) public policy.  One of my favorite sources that tries to connect the public with academic thought is The Conversation.  In its own words, The Conversation “is an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community, delivered direct to the public.  Our team of professional editors work with … [Read more...]

Living in exile

(Source: Flikr Creative Commons) Today, we brought our daughter home from the University of Minnesota.  The U of M is one of my favorite places in the world, if not my favorite.  It's the place I think of as home: I was an undergraduate there, met the love of my life there, spent two years in graduate school there, and made friends from all over the world. We brought our daughter back to our … [Read more...]

Policy scribbling

(Source: Flikr Creative Commons) Governor Dayton delivered his State of the State address last night. I never used to pay much attention to them, but that changed in 2012. The evening of February 15, 2012, I gave a talk to Women, Wisdom, and Wine on Minnesota's economy and how it became above average.  It was a wonderful evening with an especially lively Q and A period. A nice part of … [Read more...]