Transfer programs work: evidence from food stamps and mothers pensions

Source: Wikimedia Two studies in the latest issue of the American Economic Review analyze the connections between transfers to low-income families and the long-term health and welfare of children in those families.  The conclusions directly contradict the idea that programs such as Aid to Families with Dependent Children and food stamps don’t help those they are intended to aid and lead to … [Read more...]

Snowy Easter

Snowy Easter I woke up this morning and snow covered our entire lawn.  You never know when it will snow in Minnesota, but I don’t remember snow on Easter morning. That includes Easter Sundays in Warroad, my dad’s hometown. Easter connotes new beginnings. I’m having an Easter dusted with snow as I watch my kids this morning. I remember them hunting Easter eggs (which they still do) but think … [Read more...]

Three-minute masterpieces

Jimmie Blanton, Duke Ellington, and Alexander Gerschenkron This came across my Facebook feed this morning: Happy birthday Jimmy Blanton Posted by Sounds of the Big Bands on Friday, March 25, 2016 The post has since been taken down, probably because Blanton's birthday is in October. However, it got me thinking about Duke Ellington, Alexander Gerschenkron, and three-minute … [Read more...]