It’s the economy, stupid

Liz and Louis

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Liz Fedor for a 3-day residency at the Eugene J. McCarthy Center for Public Policy and Civic Engagement.  Liz is currently the Trending Editor at Twin Cities Businesspreviously, she was the editorial page editor at the Grand Forks Herald and an editor and reporter on business (especially the airline industry) at the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

During the residency, Liz met with students both in classes and in small groups at the McCarthy Center. She also did two public events.  The first was on Monday, when she interviewed Lt. Gov. Tina Smith about a wide range of topics, from how she got into politics to her views on the current legislative session and political campaigns.

The second event was on Tuesday, when Liz and I had a conversation about the presidential candidates and their economic policies.  I had a ball talking with Liz about what the candidates know (and don’t know.) Liz questions, along with those from the audience, were excellent and forced me to think hard about what were the candidates’ positions and, in some cases, if they had even spoken about a topic.

Minnesota Public Radio broadcast our session today at noon (and it repeats tonight at 9 pm).  You can click on the link to stream the show.  If you listen let me know what you think.