No, we shouldn’t go back to the gold standard

Source: Flikr Creative Commons I usually wake up to the sound of NPR's Morning Edition. Today, I got a rude awakening hearing the story, "Trump Favors Returning To The Gold Standard, Few Economists Agree."  Jim Zarroli does a nice job presenting the issue in a calm, "on the one hand, on the other hand" manner. I'll be more blunt: going back to the gold standard is a terrible idea.  I wrote … [Read more...]

Gun violence and economic solutions

Early this morning in Orlando, Florida, a gunman murdered 50 people and injured 53 (as of 11 am CDT) in the worst mass shooting in American history. After the Sandy Hook massacre in December 2012, I wrote a column, Economic theory gives us two 'weapons' to combat gun violence. The short version is that economics suggests we think about gun violence in terms of two concepts: Externalities, … [Read more...]