Secular stagnation: What is it? Should we care?

Why is the economy growing so slowly?  Is this a temporary phenomenon or a new normal?  Chris Farrell and Steve Cecchetti had a nice discussion about these questions this morning on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR).  Larry Summers first applied the term "secular stagnation" to these questions and there's been much debate about the idea ever since. (VoxEU published an e-book on the subject that is … [Read more...]

Insights from current economic research

Insights from Current Economic Research

Every Monday I watch for an e-mail with the subject line “The Latest NBER Research.”  Inside there are links to new working papers from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) across all of the topics economists analyze.  I always learn something interesting, especially with regard to real-world policy making. I’ve often wondered, why doesn’t someone summarize the cool stuff in these … [Read more...]

Scott Walker, Mark Dayton, and the economic record

Economic Record

Scott Walker announced today that he is running for president. Here is a selection of my MinnPost columns on the Walker economic record; it's not pretty. No, Minnesota is not 'dead last' in the Midwest in job growth 10/03/14 Like so many things having to do with the economy, the picture looks different depending on which data you consult. GOP candidates say Minnesota should be more … [Read more...]