“Liberal Arts and the Wealth of Nations” at Senior College in Alexandria

Source: Flikr Creative Commons Today I'll be giving a talk at the Senior College of West Central Minnesota.  According to their website, "Senior College is a lecture series for adults in West Central Minnesota. A variety of quality, college level lectures with scholars from across the state stimulate learning and fuel curiosities in a congenial setting at the Alexandria Technical & Community … [Read more...]

It’s the economy, stupid

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Liz Fedor for a 3-day residency at the Eugene J. McCarthy Center for Public Policy and Civic Engagement.  Liz is currently the Trending Editor at Twin Cities Business; previously, she was the editorial page editor at the Grand Forks Herald and an editor and reporter on business (especially the airline industry) at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. During the … [Read more...]

A Country is Not a Company

Source: Flikr Creative Commons The media coverage of Donald Trump seems to focus on a few themes such as his strong-man image and the potential for violence at his rallies and among his followers. These are important issues but I think there’s something missing in the maelstrom of coverage, something that is the cornerstone of Trump’s popularity with his base: the idea that, as a successful … [Read more...]