Craft college

Will machines take our jobs? It’s a perennial question, one posed regularly since the Industrial Revolution and probably since humans started making tools. Three recent articles focused my thinking about this question, generally, and how it applies to higher education, in particular. First, Steven Wilf and Peter Siegleman make an important point in their article, “How Digital Technology Spawned … [Read more...]

It Can’t Happen Here

I live in the land of Garrison Keillor and Sinclair Lewis.  Most of the time I find Keillor a more accurate guide to current American life.  That is, we’re usually much like Lake Wobegon: all the men are strong, all the women are good looking, and all the children are above average.  We go to Ralph’s Pretty Good Grocery, attend Lake Wobegon Lutheran or Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility, eat … [Read more...]

Back to the Future at the Minneapolis Fed

NK for NK: that was the story on January 1 at the Minneapolis Fed.  Narayana Kocherlakota’s six-year term ended on December 31 and Neal Kashkari took charge on January 1.  Kocherlakota shook up the institution at 90 Hennepin Avenue and I’ve been wondering in whether Kashkari would continue those changes or dial them back.  The answer is now in: it’s back to the future at the Minneapolis … [Read more...]