My dinner with Peter, Paul, and …

I’m a very lucky guy, and last night proved it again. St. John’s and St. Ben’s celebrated Eugene McCarthy’s 100th birthday with a centennial dinner featuring a variety of guests and speakers.  I got to sit next to Peter Yarrow at dinner.  Yes, that Peter. He performed the McCarthy campaign song (which he wrote), "Puff, The Magic Dragon", "If I had a Hammer," "This Land Is Your Land,” and told … [Read more...]

Retirement saving and the principal-agent problem

Source: Flikr Creative Commons ‘Customers First’ to Become the Law in Retirement Investing read the headline in the New York Times. You’re first reaction might be, “it wasn’t already?” No, retirement planning grew out of the financial intermediaries that already existed in the 1980s, when retirement saving started to change radically. Before the 1980s, the 3-legged stool was the metaphor for … [Read more...]

Natural resources and employment growth in the US

TED: The Economics Daily is a handy website updated each day by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Today’s post has the following map: Take a look; what do you see?  In particular, do you see any pattern to the red dots (where employment is shrinking)? Areas dependent on natural resources for employment are hurting.  Start nearby, in northeastern Minnesota:  A big red dot (2700 lost jobs) … [Read more...]