Thinking about the transportation funding fight in Minnesota

Source: Flikr Creative Commons When I saw this tweet: Sen. Bakk says Senate will make an offer to House Friday on transportation spending. Did not say what would be in it. #mnleg — R. Stassen-Berger (@RachelSB) May 4, 2016 My first thought was this: It's been frustrating to watch the dance among Governor Dayton, Senate Democrats, and House Republicans on this issue. Instead of dealing … [Read more...]

Why Is Infant Mortality Higher in the United States than in Europe?

(By Kenny Louie from Vancouver, Canada - Hah!, CC BY 2.0, This is the question three economists recently asked in a recently published paper from the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.  The answers they found disturbed me, and should bother anyone who pays attention to how badly well-being is distributed in the United … [Read more...]

Until we meet again, Alcuin Library

Next Monday, Alcuin Library at St. John's University closes until January.  It will be called the Alcuin Library Learning Commons when it reopens, and between now and then it will undergo extensive renovations. I stopped by Alcuin this morning to take one last look around the building (and, to see if there are any books in HC section that I might want before the books go into storage.) I even … [Read more...]